• 15 JPEGS. Each jpeg should be sized 1920 pixels on the file’s longest side. Numbering is important. Label each jpg with a number and your name. Jpegs are numbered in the order of your presentation. Ex. 1_amywolff.jpg, 2_amywolff.jpg, etc). Send files via WeTransfer to me at amywolff@gmail.com.

  • In some cases we may ask for a headshot (500 px) and short bio (100 words).


For those of you who've never seen Inspired Live, these are fast-paced presentations made up of 15 images that stay on screen for 20 seconds each. The theme is "Sources of Inspiration." It's a great opportunity to show your art as well as what has inspired your creative process.

Each person speaks one at a time, for about 6-7 minutes. Presentations are timed, though you can have a minute or two to introduce yourself or the presentation. When you're ready, you'll signal that you're ready to start (“ready!” or “start the show!”). Then, your images will appear, one at at time, showing on screen for 20 seconds each.

There is no right or wrong way to do this but we’ve found the audience enjoys presentations that include a mix of your work and the work that inspires you. Timed presentations can be nerve-wracking. Rehearse, and keep it fun. If you are having fun, so will the audience.